Diego Viecili

Diego Viecili


Diego Viecili is a everyday learner in photography and life. Spent some time studying in Italy and every year goes somewhere else in the world to refresh the knowledge with new courses and ways of see it in photography. Pursue photography as a passion and not just a job.

Likes to photograph people it can be for a wedding, a fashion shoot, publicity or any other style of photography if it includes a human being with feelings in the picture.Have work with several clients and companies around the globe in the last years. Diego can speak 5 different languages which is a hobby as where he goes he likes to understand more about local language and culture.

He has in his team his wife Jeane Viecili(stylist) which shares the same passion to create new ideas and ways to make beautiful images .

As a wedding photographer likes to follow the client needs but is a story teller keeping the eyes wide open for the moments. Together with my team analyze every aspect of the shooting in the wedding day or photoshoot to never miss the details.





Jeane Viecili


Jeane viecili has started her carrier in fashion when she was just 15 years old as a model at first.

She always loved fashion and working with the industry on daily bases quickly expanded her area of interest and she dived on fashion styling and within it background,hair styling and makeup artistry.

Her experience on the business working in more then 10 different countries  for names like Missoni ,Moschino in Milan-Italy and many other brands worldwide and her passion for art come handy for achieve great final results.

Besides her experience she has the special touch of natural good taste and an eye for tendencies that  make her work unique!

And still she has the drive to keep learning everyday more to transform everything she touches on a masterpiece!