Diego Viecili



Diego Viecili is a daily apprentice in photography and in life.

Studied the art in Italy and every year travel to a new part of the world to update his knowledge with new curses and perceptions in photography.

During the exercise of his profession, worked with several clients and companies all around the world. Able to communicate in five different languages, a hobby which he acquired due to his interest in the culture of the countries he frequents.

In his work, likes to photograph people, capturing feelings, telling stories, and keeping eyes wide open to each moment. Always follows its client’s needs, being it for weddings, family, fashion, publicity.

In his team, counts with his wife Jeane Sandi (fashion stylist), who shares the same passion on creating new ideas and ways to make beautiful images.

Together with his team, he analyzes all aspects of the ceremony or photoshoot in order to never lose any detail.

“I have photography as a passion not only a job.”





Jeane Viecili


Jeane Sandi started her journey in the fashion world as a model, where she found as well the passion for production.

To assure the desired final effect, she works from the fashion and background elaboration to the makeup and hair production.

Perfectionism is her worse flaw and at the same time best quality since she pursues to organize every little detail of each creation.

Her work experience in ten distinct countries brings a differentiated vision to any project, mixing cultures and tendencies from the most diverse parts of the globe.

The teamwork with her husband, the photographer Diego Viecili, is unique due to the quantity of time the two worked together, having the domain of the process and workflow. This partnership is also highlighted by the connexion of the couple who are able to develop and follow ideas since pre to post-production, sharing their expertise without limitations.

Together, they offer the client special attention, which goes beyond what is included in the packages.